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Canisters of Organic Wipes are a great convenience, but finding organic cleaning wipes can be a challenge. I love Shaklee's organic wipes - they are Nontoxic, Natural, Biodegradable, Recyclable, and contain No phosphates. They are excellent for every situation where you might want a powerful, convenient ready-to-use wipe, but I save them for emergencies, and also for sealing tightly in a zip baggie to take in the car or in my saddle bag when out Horseback Riding!

And even though these ready-to-use wipes are economical, nothing can compare with my ''home made wipes'' which cost a fraction of a penny with each use!  Being a Baby Boomer, and having 'come of age' in the 1960s, I really developed a passion for Nature and the Environment!!

What I have done is substitute a TRULY recyclable organic wipe, and here is how I do it!


Washcloths Not Paper Towels

Many years ago i bought 100 washcloths at a Dollar Store, and most of them are still in fabulous shape. I have a lovely bowl on my shelf where i keep the clean ones, and a cute bag into which the dirty ones go.

I estimate that I have saved Thousands of $$$s over the years, not to mention the forests of trees!! Going Green helped again.

OK, I do have a paper towel roll in the drawer just in case there is something so gross that I don't want to do anything but TOSS! This is such a rarity that I feel great about helping out the environment just a tad!!!

And now for my organic cleaning wipes......


Being a very busy person and not much into taking time for cleaning, I needed something that really worked...and I found it! Actually, I found it in 1973, but New Technology Foaming Bottles made it better than ever!!

Foaming Bottles assure that very dilute cleaners are NOT watery, but foamy and fabulous! Pre-packaged cleaning wipes can be quite spendy, but not my ''home made'' organic cleaning wipes! My great friend Washcloths, and my great friend Basic-H2Simply moisten the clean washcloth, squirt it with one or two globs of Foamed Organic Cleaner, and away you go!

Put one Teaspoon Organic Cleaner in the foaming bottle, add purified water, and your organic cleaning wipe solution is ready! Do NOT overfill the foaming bottle, it needs some room at the top to add the air.

foamed Basic-H2 on washcloth

I know it looks a bit like a pink fried egg, LOL!!! 

BTW, you can buy Foaming Bottles at any store, clean out the ''brand-X'' and fill with the Organic Cleaner and Water. Or Google ''foaming bottles,'' there is a huge selection online!

And here is what helps keep these washcloths clean, a super concentrated, powerful, non-toxic Laundry Concentrate.

Can you believe it? Going Green can cost you only $30.05 (before taxes and S&H) This bargain gives you a 16 oz. bottle of Basic-H2 Concentrate, 3-pack special sprayers, dropper bottle, and 2 amazing MicroFiber cleaning cloths, one for those pesky windows & mirrors that love to streak, and one for general cleaning ---both cloths are Machine Washable!! Everything you need to do a thousand jobs around the home and barn, going green all the while! 

Organic Cleaning Kit

Going Green saves your pocketbook & the environment too!