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Annie Whitney & Tom Fulker - Makarios Ranch: HEALTHY Aging, Inside & Out !!!!
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ENERGY!!!!!!! that's what i am thankful for having 99.999% the time!!!! Shaklee has helped me consistantly, faithfully, and unfailingly over the past 31+ years!!!! near-perfect health each and every day, what a BLESSING!!!!!!!! ARE YOU, TOO, READY TO FEEL EVEN BETTER????? sample EACH shaklee line with the Fast Start Kit.......and launch your LIFESTYLE!!!!!!!!

and how do i keep my heart in good health? having a family history of heart problems, i'm keeping on top of this one!! And how did i SAIL thru Menopause?? hurrah shaklee again!! Anti-Oxidants... they REALLY do their job!!!

We take Anti-Aging very seriously here at beautiful Makarios Ranch near the village of Cerrillos New Mexico, .....after all, life is too short to be getting older than we feel !!

i personally challange you to TRY THIS FOR 6 MONTHS and see how it could totally revolutionize your life!!!!