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Annie Whitney & Tom Fulker - Makarios Ranch: HEALTHY Aging, Inside & Out !!!!
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I love my human family so much, and am thankful that most of them are using all the great Shaklee products; better health & better environment!!  

But having no children of my own, my family has mostly been of the 4-legged variety!  Humans are mammals.  Dogs, horses, mules, yak, and kitties are mammals.  Therefore I concluded that what is good for a human mammal is also good for a critter mammal.  

CLICK on gorgeous horse Rhett to see how Shaklee Supplements helped his joints

Annie & Rhett, Bonanza Creek Movie Set, NM

I have used these fabulous products for myself since 1973, and shortly thereafter began using them for my critters as well.  You won't find any of this in the company literature, they are WAY too busy taking care of the needs of the #1 concern - our human family.   So it has been up to the rest of us to experiment and try things on the rest of our family, and it has ALWAYS worked just as well for them as for us!!!!   

Take Baby Solo, for instance; when he needed to be bottle-fed, we of course gave him Shaklee Supplements!!! CLICK on Solo's adorable smile to go to his special YouTube Vid

Baby Yak Solo Smiling

Pet Care For All Sorts of Critters

We love pet care & pet health, and have our pet forum to share tips.  Try our homemade dog treats, made all organic dog treats Proud to be a Shaklee Independent Distributor since 1973! Decades of Great Health for all, including Planet Earth!

The Shaklee Product Philosophy:

This page is dedicated to Pet Care from everyone out in the Field! For years we enjoyed Ginny and Betsy's Healthy Pets book, but it is no longer going to be published.......

I have personally used all our great products for over 30 years to help our own pets and livestock be healthier and happier, and live long lives!!! Let's do this together!

PHOTOAnnie, Patterson, Zahdy, & Toomba, Christmas Parade 2007, Madrid NM

Did you know that many pets become very sick when they live in homes using household cleaners that may contain harmful chemicals? Even washing their bedding in laundry 'soaps' can cause them to have symptoms of allergies and arthritis. Many people have reported that their beloved dogs and cats have become Healthy within days of switching to Get Clean Get Green products!!!!

DISCLAIMER---These statements are our PERSONAL experiences only. They are anecdotal in nature and might not work for everyone. I have had pets all my life, and have learned to see the signs of illness stresses very early on. Perhaps we are successful because we immediately jump into action.

**anecdotal --- –adjective Based on personal observation, case study reports, or random investigations rather than systematic scientific evaluation: anecdotal evidence. Based on casual observations or indications rather than rigorous or scientific analysis. from Dictionary.com

The following testimonials and statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Try these healthy Homemade Dog Treats; make them as organic as you want, as thick or thin, big or small!!

I have tried just about all the methods for grinding the tablets for the critters to eat with their food; food mill, coffee grinder, coffee mill, mortar & pestle, rolling pin...... so far the simplest and easiest has been a small channel-lock pliers, upon which i have written ''vities'' so my hubby does not use them for some gross project, LOL!!!Gel caps they love to eat whole, and the capsules I open and pour over their food. The hard shelled tablets are squashed with my pliers! Soft tabs, ie. alfalfa, they eat whole. The Super Tonic i just pour on too; even the horses eat their food right up with it drizzled on top, never once a sour face!